To allow for replication of the results published in most of my papers,
I tried to make as much code available as possible.

Isophote Eye Center Detection

Eye center detection based on isophotes.


Color space conversion library for Matlab (including color space decorrelation).


C++ template library that provides routines to convert between Matlab's and OpenCV's primary image representatations.

Salient Object Distribution

Matlab scripts to analyse the spatial distribution of salient objects in images.

Region Contrast Saliency

Implementation of the (locally debiased) region contrast saliency.

Salient Object Detection Evaluation

Scripts to evaluate salient object detection on Achanta's reference dataset.

Gaussian Surprise / Auditory Saliency

Compute the Gaussian or Gamma surprise of arbitrary data sequences.

Spectral Visual Saliency Toolbox

Implementations of several state-of-the-art visual saliency detection algorithms.

Saliency (Gaze Prediction) Evaluation Measures

Speeded-up implementation of the shuffled ROC AUC evaluation measure.

Scene Reconstruction Error Approximation

Estimates a 2-D approximation of the volumetric scene reconstruction error.

Histogram Distances

Implementation of some commonly used histogram distances (compatible with Matlab's pdist interface).

Edit Distances

Edit distances for strings and key lists (i.e. cell arrays of strings or other elements).

Kreyzig Confidence

Calculate (binomial) confidence intervals using the method of Kreyszig, 1975.

C++ Utility Library

C/C++ library containing various utility/tool functions and classes. This includes platform independent timers, buffers, thread handlers, etc.

C++ Math Library

C/C++ library containing various mathematical functions and classes. This includes specialized vector classes, combinatoric functions, 2-D and 3-D geometry functions, etc.

Matlab Host Information

Get information about the host on which the Matlab instance is running.


This Matlab function calculates the (effective) source lines of (Matlab) code.